Microsoft Office 2007 and missing paper size options.

Today I solved a strange problem involving Microsoft Office 2007 and missing paper size options that should have been available to the user. This problem had been particularly difficult to fix simply because we had a hard time replicating it. The Scenario A user has access to multiple network printers to include a copy machine. [...]

VMWare, ESXi, Scripting, and fault.RestrictedVersion.summary

My clients are generally small businesses and have limited budgets, myself included. I’ve virtualized my own infrastructure entirely and have started doing so for clients as well using the freely available version of ESXi. I am continually frustrated and disappointed with the write access restriction when scripting from PowerCli or similar. If you have seen [...]

Remotely access a Dell service tag.

Sometimes it’s the little things that get you when working on client’s servers and workstations remotely. You need a Dell service tag that doesn’t show up in the usual places such as “My Computer” -> “Properties” or can’t be detected by the Dell web based support ( ActiveX if I recall correctly).   What do [...]