Get Disk Drive Model from the Command Line.

I recently needed to retrieve the disk drive model numbers from several systems and wmic.exe once again came to the rescue. This tool can retrieve a wealth of information about a Windows system. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend you take a look ! To get the disk drive model number  from the [...]

Can’t Upload attachments in Google Apps Gmail

I use Google Apps as do many of my clients and I can confirm this as an issue that affects both the paid and free versions of Gmail. The advanced attachment features, which use Flash,  do not work with network attached file shares on Windows 7  and the newest version of Google Chrome (10.0.648.127). There [...]

Missing in major linux distributions.

I am working on a couple of minor scripting projects which are required to be written in python but able to be run on a host either without python or an unknown version. After some searching it seemed would be ideal however I couldn’t find it by default in two major Linux distributions (Redhat [...]